about me

web development

I got my start in High School as the nerd who spent lunch on the library computers learning HTML for fun, and from there things got out of hand. Now I’ve done web development for the likes of Citrix, Amazon, and JPL. Yeah: the NASA site–I know! Now I work at MailChimp, the most awesome place to be a developer on the East coast. So I guess you could say those nerdy lunch breaks really worked out for me.


I’ve created web development curriculums and courses for Code Year, Educator and Skillshare. I’ve taught programming and robot building to kids through Rolling Robots. I’ve also done a few in-person workshops and I’ve made a lot of YouTube videos. Right now I’m doing this thing I call Code Road. Ask me about it.


There is nothing outside the text!I’ve experienced a little internet fame. The height of my internet fame might be that variations and modifications of a fanart image that I created has been popping in and out of the first page of the Google image search for “postmodernism” since 2005. In fact, it was even used as a prompt for an essay question for the Australian Higher School Certificate examination. (I know because they sent a weird email to me and Ryan asking for permission.)


I am a keeper of bees. I have two top-bar hives that I built by hand. I suspect one of my colonies might be africanized.

this website

I haven’t maintained this website very well. Just be glad it works at all right now, I often let it go down for months at a time due to neglect. :-O


You can contact me via gmail, username brenton.strine.