Google’s Bouncy Ball Logo

The internet has been abuzz about the fact that Google was abounce this September 7th. I assume it will eventually show up in Google’s logo archive, but until then, I  found a copy someone made, plus some reverse engineered versions using SVG and the HTML5 canvas element. Ironically, I was too busy to really look at it on September 7th because I was recording my Educator lesson on the canvas element, which is what I initially assumed was how this was being done (like the browser ball Chrome experiment). Unfortunately, it wasn’t HTML5, it was more like DHTML with Javascript-controlled absolute-positioned divs.

It is clear to me that the doodle was meant as a sort of fanfare to the launch of Google Instant, which, by the way, surprised me the next day when I googled something… I’ve worked with Ajax before but I’d never have thought it could pull that much data out of the cloud that fast! Google’s servers are insanely fast, and they have some incredible pre-caching going on. It begins asynchronously querying possible autocomplete suggestions as you type, so that before you even finish typing, you’ve got the result.

Anyways, very cool stuff coming from Google these days, they’re doing a lot to accelerate the advance of web technologies.

Oh, and here’s a cat who liked the bouncy balls as well.