New Beginnings

Today is my first day fully moved into my new apartment on Locust. I have a lot of expectations for this place, hopes and dreams and also resolutions. My second year at Fuller will be starting soon, I’ve recently started a new job at Educator, I’ll be living with new roommates, who I haven’t met yet in this new community. Even this website is freshly reinstalled and I’m planning on beginning to use it again.

All of this newness has got me in the mood to make resolutions. I want to host something social every week, maybe cook meals, etc. I want to keep my house cleaner and clearer. I want to get rid of a lot of my things, leaving only the minimum of things I use. I want to ride my motorcycle more often. I want to vlog and blog more regularly, and about more serious topics. I want to keep in contact with acquaintances, near and distant, new and old. Maybe I will write more letters. I wan’t to keep in contact with family better. I want to work with youth somehow, volunteering or an internship, or paid. I want to build my resume and explore career possibilities. I want to eat breakfast more often. I want to use my coffee table as a coffee table, and not as a dinner table. I want to simplify my life and I want to enrich my life. And I won’t resolve to do any of these things, because I want to change and grow as a person, and to be open and flexible to new desires and needs. But I want setting these thoughts out here to help me organize my thoughts and be aware of them so that I can live more in line with how I want to live.